Communications Center MDC.C

Reality-TV – a day in a biomedical lab

A day full of science, fun and exciting people: we offer an unscripted insight into our laboratories.


Livestream, Online seminar, Instagram, TikTok
10115 Berlin




We will show you what a regular working day in our laboratories looks like, through a full day of live broadcast. MDC scientists explain what they do, how and why, while you look over their shoulders as they perform their experiments. The audience can ask questions, which we answer either live or during one of the Q&A coffee breaks. These may be questions about our research, but also about education and career paths in science. In-between there will be live music and TikToks and much more – simply the daily life in a biomedical laboratory!

In cooperation with Wissenschaft im Dialog.

Link to the live broadcast

The program of the MDC at the Berlin Science Week