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Two Independent Group Leader Positions "Biomedical Mass Spectrometry

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“Dissecting host-pathogen interactions using quantitative proteomics”

  • Joel Selkrig (EMBL)

“Multiplexed imaging and single-cell analysis of cellular metabolism in the tumor microenvironment”

  • Dr. Felix Hartmann (Stanford University, School of Medicine, Palo Alto)

"Translational Cancer Proteomics: Combining digital pathology with systems biology for precision medicine “

  • Dr. Fabian Coscia (Novo Nordisk Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen)

“Ultra-fast proteomics and its applications”

  • Dr. Vadim Demishev (Vadim Demishev Francis Crick Institute, London)

“An integrated optimization framework for a swift implementation of mass spectrometry in clinical diagnostics”

  • Dr. Eugenio Fornasiero (University Medical Centre, Göttingen)

“Integrating multi-omics to model complex cancer cell behaviours”

  • Dr. Tao „Rosemary“ Yu (Chalmers University of Technology)

“Advanced MS approaches combined with system biology to target resistance in cancer“

  • Ashok Kumar Jayavelu (MPI of Biochemistry)

“Applying lessons from microbiology to dissect impact of metabolic environment on cancer cells"

  • Karl Kochanowski (University of California)

“Understanding the microenvironmentalregulation of tumourmetabolism”

  • Christiaan F. Labuschagne (OwlstoneMedical Ltd)



Matthias Selbach / Markus Ralser
organization: Elisabeth Kujawa-Schmeitzner / Gina Dörpholz)

Gina Dörpholz