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Making research tangible and understandable often requires more than text. That's why we produce videos about science at the Max Delbrück Center.

Further videos 

Diversity at the Max Delbrück Center
What diversity means to our employees!
© Felix Petermann, Max Delbrück Center
Corona research at the MDC
MDC researchers answer COVID-19 questions. →


Our research
MDC scientists provide insight into their research. →

Why do some people stay fit and healthy easier than others? A talk by Sofia Forslund-Startceva at the 37th Chaos Communication Congress (C7C3) in Hamburg.

This year, the #Helmholtz Association celebrates the 200th birthday of Hermann von Helmholtz. Under the affectionate nickname #HäkelHermann, a crocheted doll in the Helmholtz look explored some of the member institutes - including the #mdcBerlin. There it went into the laboratories of the AG Junker, which deals with "Quantitative Developmental Biology". More in the video!

A new gene-editing technique can be used to correct mutations in muscle stem cells, paving the way for the first potential cell therapy for genetic muscle disorders. The ECRC team led by Professor Simone Spuler has published its findings in the journal "JCI Insight".

Warum dauert es so lange, bis aus Grundlagenforschung eine Therapie wird? Für uns war diese Frage der Ausgangspunkt für einen Film, in dem wir den langen Weg einer Forschung gegen Krebs am MDC nachzeichnen: 

Weitere Informationen zum Film 


A long and winding road – a film with Thomas Blankenstein, Elisa Kieback, Mathias Leisegang, Antonio Pezzutto and Wolfgang Uckert. (with English subtitles)


Welcome at the MDC
Our new working group leaders introduce themselves. →
© Felix Petermann, MDC

Since the beginning of June, Fabian Coscia has been leading the junior research group Spatial Proteomics at the MDC. He uses artificial intelligence to analyze the #proteome of tumor cells - in other words, the totality of all proteins produced by #cancer cells. He now wants to develop this method further in the #MSTARS project.


History of the MDC
Our research center and the campus are full of history. →

Science in the center: in 2019, we ceremoniously opened a new building in the heart of Berlin, giving us a second location. The ceremony begins with an address by German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel.

The consequences of genetic engineering and CRISPR/Cas: Do we want to live forever?
Emilia Tikka was an artist in residence at MDC in 2018. Her artwork and a subsequent conference are documented in our videos. →

The result of Emilia Tikka's artist residency on the topic of gene editing at the MDC and the science behind it: the artwork, a mini symposium and a panel discussion.

Breaking Boundaries
The event series “Breaking Boundaries” seeks to bridge the boundaries between science, medicine, art, politics, and the public. →
Inspiring female scientists at the MDC
In 2018, the Berlin Institute of Health Research accompanied female scientists to gain insight into their research. →
© Berlin Institute of Health
Lectures at the MDC
Every now and then, high-profile guests speak at the MDC. Their talks are documented here. →

The talk of nobel laureate Thomas Südhof at the MDC

My 9th of November
Thirty years after the nonviolent revolution and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the MDC publishes eyewitness accounts, memories and reflections of staff members. →
Advent Calendar
MDC scientists talk about their work, vacation plans and Christmas traditions. →