All roads lead to Buch: the “Barnimer Dörferweg”

The Science Campus in Berlin-Buch is located in a picturesque corner in the north of Berlin. From many Berlin districts and the surrounding villages in Brandenburg you can get there quickly by public transport or bike.


Simply leaving behind the stressful chaos of city traffic in the morning – wouldn't that be wonderful? That's an easy feat for people working in Buch. There are quite a few nice and green cycle routes in the north of Berlin, free of motorized traffic and traffic lights. Many of them connect to the public transport network of Berlin. By combining trains and bike, it's easy to get to Buch quickly and without stress on either one's nerves or the environment.

Anyone starting in the northwest or eastern parts of the city can follow the Barnimer Dörferweg – a hiking path that passes through the villages of the Barnim landscape in Berlin. The path is signposted 13, of the 20 green main paths (20 Grüne Hauptwege) developed by the Berlin Senate Administration for Urban Development and Environment. It connects to the train stations Ahrensfelde and Wartenberg (in the east) or Alt-Tegel and Waidmannslust (in the west).

The section presented below starts at the S-Bahn station Wartenberg. It does not strictly follow the Dörferweg, but traverses the same landscapes and is a short and enjoyable route from Wartenberg to the Campus. It's just 8 kilometers long. To get to Wartenberg in the first place, you'll need to take the S75 line from the Berlin Stadtbahn or the Ostkreuz stations, and then it's just a few stops. You'll soon be amidst meadows and farmland.

As illustrated by the pictures below, the path to Buch is paved with asphalt (70%) or consists of compacted gravel, leading through the meadows of the nature park Wartenberger Feldmark, crossing the Bundesstraße highway and through the Neue Wiesen in Karow. Notable sights along the way are wind turbines, a deserted skating park, and a lonesome traffic light.

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