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Best Scientific Images Contest 2015 – The Winners

These are the three winning pictures of the 2015 MDC Best Scientific Images Contest that have been chosen by the visitors of the Long Night of the Sciences (Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften) on June 13.

1st: “Sperm thicket – the maze of genetic information“ – Karina Oberheide (Jentsch Group, MDC/FMP)


2nd: „Smiley Face“ – Maciej Czajkowski (Rocks Group, MDC)


3rd: „Embryo of a fruit fly - model organism growing in organic waste“ – Lea Dämpfling (Zinzen Group, MDC)












MDC group leader Helmut Kettenmann, who had initiated the MDC Best Scientific Images Contest, awarded the winners with their prizes. Every year, all scientists on campus are invited to take part in the contest with their pictures. The winners are chosen by the visitors at the Long Night of the Sciences (Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften).

In 2015, the awards ceremony took place on July 13 at the Campus summer party. Together with representatives from NIKON, the company that is sponsoring the contest with cameras for the winners, and Dana Lafuente from the Society of Friends of the MDC, Helmut Kettenmann awarded Karina Oberheide (AG Jentsch, MDC/FMP) with the first prize, Maciej Czajkowski (AG Rocks, MDC) with the second prize, and Lea Dämpfling (AG Zinzen, MDC) with the third prize.