Campus-Fahrrad vor dem Erwin-Negelein-Haus (D79)

Bike competition in Berlin: „Who rides the most?“

Starting Thursday, August 1st at 2 p.m., employees from 13 public Berlin institutions will compete in a bicycle contest once again. The Campus Berlin-Buch will join forces with the MDC Berlin-Mitte and challenge entities such as the Berliner Stadtreinigung, the BVG and the Berliner Wasserbetriebe.
© Felix Petermann, MDC

Participants can collect points for their employer with each trip. Every kilometer traveled on a bike, bike ergometer, pedelec (motor-assisted bike) or in a wheelchair count. Rides on an e-bike, scooter or motorcycle, however, aren't considered.

For two months: every kilometer counts

The competition ends on September 30, 2019. Two components will determine the winner. Firstly, the degree of mobilisation in the institution – the more people participant, the better. Secondly, the average number of kilometers each employee rode in during these two months. Both factors count equally towards the final result.

Last year, the MDC ranked fifth out of nine. The 238 participants who rode for the MDC covered a total of 115,632 kilometers – which would have been enough to circle the globe almost three times! The employees of Investitionsbank Berlin secured the victory and took home the mehrwert Berlin-trophy.

By the way: With their first-ever participation in 2016, the workforce of the Campus Berlin-Buch triumphed over the competitors. In 2018, the MDC Berlin-Buch took part in the race without the rest of the campus. 

More information and the registration are available at

Text: Felix Petermann