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Erik McShane awarded MDC PhD Prize of 2016

Some proteins behave in an unusual way: the older they become, the more stable they are. This is what Erik McShane found out, this year's winner of the annual PhD Prize, awarded on November 25 2016.
Erik McShane is the winner of the PHD prize 2016. Photo by Dario J Laganà/MDC.

The researcher from the Selbach lab convinced the Graduate Commission with his Cell publication “Kinetic Analysis on Protein Stability reveals age-dependent degradation” which is about the life cycles of proteins. We recently highlighted the paper here at MDC Newsroom.

The MDC PhD prize is being awarded annually for the best scientific publication by a PhD graduate.  It comes with a EUR 1,000 award, donated by the benefactor Prof. Annelise Pritzsche.