Anita Waltho

đź“ş FameLab: spring cleaning of the cell

Three minutes – that's all the time Anita Waltho had at the 2022 German FameLab final in Bielefeld earlier this month. The competition is about presenting your research in an entertaining, easy-to-digest manner to capture the jury, and of course, the audience.
© Felix Petermann, MDC

As a PhD student in biochemistry in the lab of Professor Thomas Sommer, Anita Waltho’s research aims to unravel the complexity of the ubiquitin code. That's a kind of labelling system which our cells use to decide the fate of our proteins. In this video, the young researcher performs her entry for the 2022 German FameLab final. Waltho won the audience award at the regionals in Dresden and placed second overall to qualify for the final.