Humboldt Fellows for the MDC

New chances to attract sought-after research talents to Berlin will soon be available to the MDC. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has recruited Nikolaus Rajewsky for the Henriette Herz Scouting Program.

As a recently elected scout in the Henriette Herz Scouting Program, Professor Nikolaus Rajewsky will soon be able to clear the way for up to three excellent young scientists from abroad to join research teams at the MDC or elsewhere. After formal review, the candidates will receive a fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for up to two years; the quality level of the selected researchers corresponds to that of the successful applicants of the Humboldt Research Fellowship Program. Rajewsky's first proposal is to be for a female scientist.

Henriette Julie Herz (* September 5, 1764 in Berlin; † October 22, 1847 in Berlin) was a writer and organizer of the first literary salon in Berlin. Together with her husband, she hosted discussion groups on scientific and philosophical topics.


The non-profit Humboldt Foundation promotes scientific collaborations between excellent foreign and German researchers. For the Henriette Herz Scouting Program, about 40 scouts selected annually in a peer-review process recruit up to one hundred research fellows. In this way, the Humboldt Network is expanded both professionally and regionally and the proportion of women among those sponsored is increased. The program is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Further information

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