Learn at the Lake: The ORION Open Science Podcast

Learn at the Lakeside: The ORION Open Science Podcast

If you want to relax by the lake but still discover more about how we do science then the ORION Open Science Podcast has you covered.

The theme of the ORION podcast is all things Open Science, and that has led to some fascinating discussions about how the system of science currently works and how we can improve the way we create knowledge.

The format of the podcast is a series of interviews with guests about various topics, these have included; Marc Abrahams (IgNobel Prize) discussing the importance of humour in science communication, a ‘live’ report on a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon event to improve diversity in science, an interview with the Head of Vitae, a non-profit-program dedicated to supporting the professional development of researchers, about research career pathways, and a variety of conversations about the problems with scientific publishing, and the possibilities of data and software sharing. These interviews are a great way to understand not only what Open Science is, but also how it actually impacts the day to day work of scientists.

The ORION podcast was launched in January 2019, and is now on its 16th episode. It has been downloaded over 1600 times by people across the world. The podcast has listeners from Germany to Japan, from the UK to the US and is produced and hosted by Dr Luiza Bengtsson and Dr Emma Harris from the Communications Department of the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC).

It is broadcast every two weeks on a Thursday morning, and it is scheduled to continue throughout the Summer. You can follow the ORION Open Science Podcast on Twitter at @OOSP_ORIONPod and you can catch-up and subscribe to the podcast here.

Text: Emma Harris