Max Delbrück Center honors our silent heroes

At the Max Delbrück Center summer party, employees Daniela Dixon, Matthias Runow and Ingrid Ziegenhagen won this year’s Silent Hero Award. The award recognizes the commitment of employees whose hard work behind the scenes keeps our research running smoothly.

“There are many colleagues who do a super job but remain in the background. They deserve recognition,” said Ingo Kahl, Secretary of the Society of Friends of the Max Delbrück Center. Kahl introduced the silent heroes during a ceremony at this year’s summer party at campus Buch. This is the tenth year in a row that the society has handed out the awards, which include a certificate of recognition and a small cash prize. Out 16 people who were nominated, the society chose three winners.

Two 2nd place prize winners

One of the second places was achieved by Ingrid Ziegenhagen from the research finance department.

Tied for second place were Matthias Runow of the Communications team, and Ingrid Ziegenhagen from the research finance department. Runow, who has worked as event manager for the Max Delbrück Center since 2018, was nominated for his commitment. “He is always ready to step in, no matter where and for what support is needed,” said Vera Glaßer from the Communications Staff Unit, during her speech. “Matthias is available at all times of the day and sometimes even at night, without making a big fuss.”

Zeigenhagen was nominated by the lab of Dr. Sofia Forslund, Group Leader of microbiome factors in cardiovascular disease. “Academic research is often recognized by number of publications, grants and graduate students, said Dr. Victor Hugo Jarquin Diaz, a postdoc in the Forslund lab. “Our group could not achieve such outstanding performance without the support and guidance and expertise she brings.” He further lauded her “efficient and sometimes magical way” of solving the lab’s budget questions. “She is always reliable, available and makes complex information understandable for all.”

First place hero

The first-place winner Daniela Dixon (on the right) alongside her presenter Jutta Kramm (in the middle) and Ingo Kahl.

First place prize went to Daniela Dixon in the People & Culture department. Although Dixon has only been at the Max Delbrück Center since 2022, she has impressed everyone who works with her, said Jutta Kramm, Head of Communications. Dixon not only “knows her stuff,” said Kramm, “she is also patient, calm, friendly, reliable, quick, objective and helpful, even when things get difficult.” Kramm further lauded Dixon’s ability to find creative solutions. “Many a recruitment, extension, reassignment or regrouping would probably not have succeeded without her wise advice and tips.”

Text: Gunjan Sinha