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đź“ş MDC scientists answer COVID-19 questions

The coronavirus challenges people around the world every day. Here at the MDC, we are giving our best to help fight the pandemic. Some of our scientists took the time to think about a few of the questions surrounding SARS-CoV-2.

Immunologist Dr. Kathrin de la Rosa joined the MDC in July 2018 and leads the research group on Immune Mechanisms and Human Antibodies. Even as a doctoral student, her work revolved around the B cell – the cell type that produces antibodies and is therefore indispensable for immune defense in the human body. “While at the University Medical Center Freiburg, I studied patients with weakened immune systems due to B-cell defects,” says the biologist.

She found this field of research so fascinating that she went on to study B cells in even more depth, conducting her postdoctoral studies with the immunologist Antonio Lanzavecchia in Switzerland. “There, I learned how to isolate human antibodies in order to analyze the immune response to infectious diseases and thus lay the groundwork for developing new therapeutics and vaccines.”

In our #QuestionOfTheDay series, she talks about her research and the daily work under challenging conditions:

The MDC was in minimal operation mode from March 18 to May 4 in order to slow down the spread of the SARS coronavirus-2 and protect its employees. The scientists – as well as the administrative staff – worked from home where they developed ideas ideas, analyzed data, and wrote proposals and papers. Professor Markus Landthaler coordinates the coronavirus research at the MDC.

In our #QuestionOfTheDay series, he explained the challenges and opportunities related to COVID-19 research:

Dr. Emanuel Wyler is a biochemicist at the MDC Berlin-Mitte (BIMSB) in Landthaler lab. Together with a team of Charité-researcher Professor Christian Drosten and other partners, he investigates the coronavirus.

In our #QuestionOfTheDay series, he answers questions regarding the coronavirus research at the MDC:

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