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What are you reading, Mr. Lopez Carballo?

Jacobo Lopez Carballo is a PhD Student in the group of MIchael Gotthardt. He is one of the PhD representatives since 2019 at the MDC. Jacobo reads mostly when he’s travelling, whether during holidays or on the way to the MDC.

Jacobo Lopez Carballo. Image: private

"Letters to a young scientist" by Eduard O. Wilson was the last book I read. He is a biologist, more precisely an entomologist, and I came across his book in the recommendations from Nature. Although his field is quite far from mine, he does a great job talking about life as a scientist. We are in a wonderful career and we are passionate for it. Wilson recounts anecdotes of success as well as failures of scientific journeys: from the passion for research, through creative processes, to arrive at theories. It was a very easy read and I would recommend it to all PhD students and those who pursue a career in science. Here is a quote from the book, which I find particularly inspiring, “Finally, remember that you enter a career in science above all in the pursuit of the truth. Your legacy will be the increase and wise use of new, verifiable knowledge […]”.