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What are you reading, Mrs. Steinkötter?

In our "What are you reading?" series, we feature book recommendations from MDC scientists and staff members. Dr. Jutta Steinkötter is a Science Manager and Head of Scientific Infrastructure at MDC. Scientific Technology Platforms at the MDC support research groups established and front-end applications of technologies, provide instrumentation and methodologies, and are engaged in collaborative research projects and technology developments.

Dr. Jutta Steinkötter.

Nadja Spiegelmann: “I'm Supposed to Protect You from All This”

"Memories and stories of three strong and creative women: daughter, mother, grandmother, between times and worlds. Nadja Spiegelman, daughter and author, navigates courageously through the now and then, experiencing love, pain and rejection. She writes about memories in an authentic, clear and sensitive way. She respects the unspoken, the private and the contradictory and creates the space for them.

Nadja Spiegelman's father is the American cartoonist Art Spiegelman, author of  “Maus - A Survivor's Tale”in which he reappraises his father's Holocaust experience. In her biographical exploration, Nadja traces her mother's side of the story. She describes the lives of her mother Francoise Mouly, art director at "New Yorker" magazine, and of her grandmother, who came from a wealthy Paris family. She portrays the women who have shaped her life, she experiences the distance between them, and she creates the connections that enable her to understand her own history and psychology and to face up to herself. As a young New Yorker who experienced the 9/11 attacks, she spans the arc into the here and now.

Many people have to deal with memories in their families, both those that are revealed and those that are not revealed. Not everyone has the opportunity to confront the past with such intensity. The book motivates readers to tell and to listen, about families and across generations.”