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What are you reading, Professor Heinemann?

We'd like to introduce a new series of "What are you reading?" of book recommendations by MDC scientists and staff members. Professor Udo Heinemann is a structural biologist for researches gene regulation & RNA biology. He is also the MDC's Ombudsperson for good scientific practice.

Prof. Dr. Udo Heinemann.

„Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism“ -  Already before the Corona pandemic hit, the USA has been suffering from an epidemic, that other countries are not experiencing. An epidemic of desperate deaths from suicide, drug abuse and alcohol particularly affecting middle-aged white Americans. The book vividly describes the extent and consequences of this epidemic and shows that these victims are predominantly white, less educated working-class people. They are no longer able to find adequate and satisfying work in the US economic system of the 21st century and are suffering from an overpriced and inefficient health care system described by the authors as “cancer at the heart of the economy”. Although some of the findings of this book are specific to America, it should also interest us in Europe. Especially, as those threatened by death in desperation, are the most loyal voters of the current president of the USA. The book is new and provides up-to-date data.

Authors: Anne Case & Angus Deaton (Nobel Prize in Economics 2015)