MDC Newsletter 01/2019: precision medicine, private donations and podcasting


Dear reader,

How an entire organism develops from a fertilized egg cell has always fascinated humans. Since the human genome, our "Book of Life", was decoded in 2001, scientists have been trying to understand how our body’s cells are able to read, translate this book and thus change themselves over the course of our lives. Now the technology seems to be ready to take a big step forward: with single cell biology, artificial intelligence, and organoids (mini organs in the laboratory), there is finally an opportunity to precisely analyse this process in cells. Has this made you curious? Read more about it in this newsletter.

The newsletter also deals with important approaches in Alzheimer's research, eternal life and CRISPR-Cas9. And finally, we have an audio-based tip for you: our new podcast asks what Open Science is all about.

We wish you lots of fun and new insights when reading, watching and listening.

Your Insights Team