MDC-Newsletter 02/2020: When new veins sprout - research metropolis Berlin

Holger Gerhardt

Dear readers,

Science is so fascinating: How and where new blood vessels grow influences a wide range of diseases. MDC researcher Holger Gerhardt is a specialist in angiogenesis and studies blood vessels. What drives him? Read our profile. Gerhardt is one of the many highly respected scientists who have been drawn to the ‘science city’ of Berlin in recent years. The city has a diverse and excellent research landscape, something it is rightly proud of. More than 50 institutions of great renown, often with a long tradition, are located here. One area of focus for these institutions are the life sciences, to which we at the MDC belong to as well. Can Berlin, home of modern medical research with famous researchers like Rudolf Virchow, become an international Mecca for biomedicine again? Our Scientific Director Thomas Sommer and Nikolaus Rajewsky, Director of the Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology at the MDC, have just commented on this question in a Berlin daily newspaper.

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