MDC Newsletter 07/2018: Rhinos and zebra fishes

Dear reader,

At the moment, your mind is probably on planning your vacation right? We understand - but would nevertheless like to recommend a few events to you. On 25 July, we will open an exhibition with rare exhibits: microscopes made in Berlin workshops that were present in the 19th Century salons or that enabled nature observation on expeditions, microscopes that contributed to the development of cell theory, or microscopes that protected the health of the Berlin population  through the first meat inspections for trichinae. On July 31, Nobel Laureate Thomas Südhof will come to the MDC to talk about his research on synapses, the connections between nerve cells.

Finnish artist Emilia Tikka will also be making special connections. As the "Artist in Residence" she is a guest at the MDC during the summer months. In the laboratories, she wants to explore how CRISPR-Cas9 could change our future. The result of her work “Dorian Gray Kit“ will be on view in the STATE Studio in Berlin from October onwards.

Meanwhile, we wish you a relaxing summer and a lot of fun reading
Your Insights Team