MDC Newsletter 09/2018: Mutated molecules and bright brains

Microscopic image: Microglia with protein-coated latex balls

Dear reader,

Our brains are absurdly complex. Countless molecules in billions of cells keep this remarkable organ humming and running. If they fail, diseases can arise – such as Huntington's or the rare Glut1 deficit syndrome. Our scientists shed light on exactly how these diseases develop.

Our new building in the heart of the capital is almost finished and will open at the beginning of 2019, by the way. From 25 October, the world's best systems biologists will come over to give it a try at the BIMSB Summer Meeting, which will also take place at the Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus. Among the visitors are two Nobel Prize winners. Isn't this something you don't want to miss?

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