MDC Newsletter 10/2018: Beyond the borders

Participants talking in the Langenbeck Virchow House

Dear reader,

Sometimes it is helpful to break out of proven thought patterns, to dare something new and to challenge oneself. Recently, the Max Delbrück Center (MDC) has shown on several occasions how worthwhile this can be: For ten years now, various disciplines in systems biology have been working together, and our "Grand BIMSB Opening Symposium" has now opened the next chapter.

The artist Emilia Tikka is trying out a completely different kind of interplay. She spent three months at the MDC - and now she is presenting the results of her residency to the public. The new building, for which the foundation stone has just been laid on the Berlin Buch campus, also signifies the crossing of new frontiers.

Have a great read, 
Your Insights Team