MDC-Newsletter 11 / 2019: 3D maps +++ Alzheimer’s disease +++ Jewish life

Käthe Beutler mit Ehemann Alfred

Dear readers,

Receiving recognition is always delightful - especially if this is linked to financial support. Over the past few weeks, several MDC researchers have received funding to pursue their goals with new recources. Starting in December, Thomas Willnow will expand his Alzheimer research with a team in Denmark. Jan Philipp Junker was elected to the network of EMBO Young Investigators, a group that benefits from financial support as well as career development and networking opportunities through the European Molecular Biology Organization. And two representatives of the MDC - Sofia Forslund and Nikolaus Rajewsky - are among this year’s most cited scientists worldwide.

Of course, these are only a few highlights, other researchers at the MDC have also published papers and celebrated successes in recent weeks. An article looks back on the life of an impressive Jewish paediatrician and researcher, a building on our campus will bear her name.

But read for yourself!
Your Insights Team