MDC-Newsletter 4/2020: SARS-CoV-2, preeclampsia, what we can learn from zebrafish

Jan-Philipp Junker Header

Dear Readers,

For more than six weeks the research teams at the MDC have been working in emergency mode – as have many scientists at research centers around the world. Our teams are highly productive and creative, as you can see and read here. During these weeks coronavirus research has developed a powerful dynamic of its own, and many scientists at the MDC are working closely with colleagues in Berlin and other places.

Research into other diseases is not standing still, of course. In fact, quite the opposite is true. In April, MDC groups published studies that may open up new perspectives for patients – including people suffering from multiple sclerosis, kidney diseases or lymphoma, or women suffering from a dangerous pregnancy disorder called preeclampsia.

We are also excited to introduce you to two interesting personalities. Jan Philipp Junker (pictured) creates cell lineage trees using zebrafish. And in May the cellular biologist Ilaria Piazza will be joining MDC. Her research investigates how cells communicate with one another in a tissue or in an organ.

Your MDC Insights Team

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