Newsletter: 03/2021: Blooming days, fasting and protein foraging

Gesunde Ernährung

Dear reader,

Everything is in full bloom and the days are getting longer. Spring time triggers a feeling of new beginnings for many. Hopefully, you can feel at least a little bit of this spring magic these days, despite the ongoing pandemic. Either way, here at the MDC, we are in a spirit of optimism right now: together with our partners at the Charité and the Berlin Institute of Health, we have officially opened the new Käthe-Beutler Building, a new research building on the Biotech Campus in Berlin-Buch. Scientists from the field of Vascular Biomedicine will soon fill the state-of-the-art facility with life. 

The exchange between the many immunology experts during our top-class COVID-19 symposium was stimulating and educational. But other research areas at the MDC have also achieved new breakthroughs, for example in cancer medicine. And even though fasting has just ended, we would like to share the positive effects of of a healthy diet. We will tell you about all this here in our newsletter, but before we send you on your reading journey, a quick tip for all Clubhouse fans: each week every Thursday, our researcher Emanuel Wyler and a few colleagues offer a small round table explaining COVID-19 research every Thursday.
Happy Easter,
Your MDC Insights Team
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