Newsletter 04/2017: Salt and Cancer


Dear reader,

Father, mother, egg cell donor. This spring, the first clinical trials of mitochondrial replacement therapy will start in Great Britain – to vet whether the controversial technique really can prevent inherited mitochondrial diseases. But creating „three-parent-babies“ might not be the only hope for affected parents. Alessandro Prigione and his team have developed a stemcell-based disease model. For the first time, researchers now have a chance to test drug candidates which might ameliorate the disease. Insights spoke to Prigione about interdisciplinarity and unexpected results.

There are other unexpected things as well. An identity crisis of liver cells might one day help diabetics. Also, velvet is a useful tool in some labs. It has to be old velvet, even when the fabric is not particularly nice to look at. Why? Read for youself.

Your MDC Insights Team