Newsletter 07/2016: Research, Campus, Holidays

Dear reader,

you certainly know MRI scanners, these huge and expensive behemoths used to image the insides of the body? Lukas Winter from the Niendorf lab is trying out something completely different. With his new concept, medical imaging could become mobile and affordable to anyone.

Kathrin Gödde from the Jentsch lab is interested in the perception of smells, and in how similar smells are differentiated by the brain. She identified a mechanism in neurons that modulates signals via a “time switch.”

In mid-July, the MDC officially welcomed Martin Lohse as new Scientific Director at MDC, and more than 300 guests joined the celebration.

After the party, you better go home by bike. Summer is here and the bike is the best way to get to the MDC. We present to you the cycle path „Barnimer Dörferweg“ – a quick and beautiful ride to the Campus for anyone starting in the eastern part of the city. Try it out, we even prepared routes for you!

We wish you a nice summer break and will be back with a new newsletter in September.

Enjoy reading,

Your MDC Insights Team