Newsletter 07/2017: First calls, milestones, and a peculiar toothbrush

Dear reader,

People working in the lab have to be inventive. How would you, for example, flip tiny fish eggs with a diameter of just 0.7 millimeters? Our researchers use a peculiar tool which we present in our latest #LabHack: a single-bristle toothbrush that orients the egg in the right position for an injection procedure.

These are the kind of little details of lab work that the students Eric Niller and Pirmin Schmid could observe at MDC. They won their internship in the „Jugend forscht“ national science competition, and they used their time at the bench to develop their project further. If they decide to pursue a scientific career they could possibly investigate things like the ultrasonic calls of stray mouse babies. Doesn’t this sound interesting?

Enjoy reading,
Your MDC Insights Team