Newsletter 09/2016: Research, People, Guests

Dear reader,

In our first MDC Insights newsletter after the summer break we start with a new series, #LabHacks, which we have dedicated to small, everyday inventions in the lab. No matter how well your laboratory is equipped, sometimes you need a little helper to optimize a workflow. The examples that we have compiled for you show, that it is worthwhile thinking outside the box. Today: What dental silicone has to do with roundworms.

The newsletter also has a number of articles about our research, of course, for example, the „miracle material“ resveratrol, from grapes, or new details about cellular garbage disposal. In addition, one of the discoverers of the CRISPR/Cas system visited the MDC for a talk: Prof. Emmanuelle Charpentier spoke about the development of the tool with which DNA can now be selectively cut.

Happy reading!

Your MDC Insights Team