Newsletter 10/17: Mapping cells, understanding disease and celebrating achievements

Dear Reader,

Humans are complicated beings, even from a molecular perspective. For example, nerve cells produce proteins in their long tentacle-like projections and have to transport messenger RNAs to the right locations.

The “Human Cell Atlas” project strives to map and genetically characterize all human cell types in their staggering complexity. The MDC will soon begin work on the Atlas of the Heart. This could help us to better understand, among other things, the genetic causes of diseases. Where and when the body switches on particular genes can be critical for allergies, pre-eclampsia or metabolic disorders. We have reported on this topic in more detail in our newsletter.

Every disease is based on a biological mechanism – a molecular puzzle. The scientists at the MDC have been exploring these interactions for 25 years and have made considerable progress. At our symposium, we look ahead and ask: what’s next?

Thank you for reading,
Your MDC Insights Team