Newsletter: 11/2020: Sensitive fingertips, success stories and a gift idea

Michela Di Virgilio

Dear readers,

Nothing going on just days before Christmas? Far from it! We join Mina Gouti in her joy over two high-ranking awards that will take her organoid research to the next level. Things got festive at the graduation ceremony for our PhD students – which went a little differently than usual during this “Corona year”. We also celebrate the 90th birthday of bioethicist, peace researcher and long-time companion of the Max Delbrück Center, Erhard Geissler. And immunologist Michela Di Virgilio (photo) provides a glimpse into her lab.

A recently published study shows that sometimes our researchers crack even the toughest nut in their labs. For over a century, researchers, looking at the Meissner corpuscle, have thought to themselves: "This is a beautiful structure. But we don’t really know what it’s there for." Now it's clear that a protein in these tactile sensors is crucial to our perception of touch. You might remember this when you unwrap presents at Christmas and run your fingertips across them. If you are still looking for a gift, we would recommend a book for architecture enthusiasts. We won’t spoil it here, but one of the 111 most remarkable buildings in Berlin is at the MDC.

With this newsletter, we say goodbye for this year and wish you happy holidays!

Your MDC Insights Team