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About Y2H

In 1989 in a Nature paper, Stanley Fields and Ok-Kyu Song described a novel method to study protein-protein interactions in yeast. This technique became known as the Y2H system. The system is based on the simultaneous introduction of bait and prey plasmids into a mutant yeast strain. If bait and prey interact, a reporter gene is activated and enables growth of the yeast on selective medium. Clones that contain interacting bait and prey plasmids are made visible by a colour change reaction.

The research group Neuroproteomics has carried out pioneering protein-protein interaction studies, generating the first network for a protein central to a disease as well as the first genome-wide protein-protein interaction network (Goehler et al. 2004, Molecular Cell; Stelzl et al. 2005, Cell). The team apply their comprehensive know how in the field to offer screening services to the scientific community at the MDC and beyond.

Y2H methods


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