Das pT4-Rektumkarzinom [The pT4 rectal cancer]


  • B. Rau
  • M. Huenerbein
  • W. Tilly
  • H. Riess
  • P. Wust
  • P.M. Schlag


  • Acta Chirurgica Austriaca


  • Acta Chir Austriaca 31 (1): 13-16


  • Background: The rate of resectability and local recurrence in locally advanced rectal cancer infiltrating neighbouring organs (uT4) has led to reevaluation of treatment concepts. Preoperative combined radio-chemotherapy demonstrated favourable results in both: resectability and local recurrence. Methods: Different therapeutical strategies in the treatment of locally advanced primary rectal cancer infiltrating neighbouring organs (uT4) are demonstrated and discussed. Therapeutic induced toxicity depending on treatment regimen is critically elucidated. Results: Therapeutic induced toxicity in the preoperative setting is lower than in the postoperative treatment concept. Toxicity depends on the kind of chemotherapy and the application form (bolus, continuous). Preoperative treatment regimens increase the resectability of T4-tumors and in consequence improve the survival data without increasing postoperative complications. Conclusions: Preoperative combined treatment of locally advanced uT4 rectal cancer revealed encouraging downstaging, local control, and survival rates.