A database on alternative splice forms on the integrated genetic map service (IGMS)


  • H. Pospisil
  • A. Herrmann
  • H. Pankow
  • J. Reich


  • In Silico Biology


  • In Silico Biol 3 (1-2): 229-234


  • The IGMS is a comprehensive information system that combines the knowledge from genomic sequence, genetic map and genetic disorders databases. This system is updated weekly and focuses on the analysis of EST data. The IGMS identifies UniGene clusters that are differentially expressed in different types of cancer with respect to different reference tissues. The results can be combined with clinical data to asses the potential relevance of specific genes for patient survival or metastatic spread. The second application maps EST with a specific expression profile. Our third application generates a database of alternative splice forms for nine organisms from EST and mKNA sequence data. The results can be used to find splicing patterns specific for certain tissues or tumour types.