Dataset on the activation of Mueller cells through macrophages upon hypoxia in the retina


  • C. Nuernberg
  • N. Kociok
  • C. Brockmann
  • T. Lischke
  • S. Crespo-Garcia
  • N. Reichhart
  • S. Wolf
  • R. Baumgrass
  • S.A. Eming
  • S. Beer-Hammer
  • A.M. Joussen


  • Data in Brief


  • Data Brief 16: 489-500


  • The dataset presented in this article complements the article entitled "Myeloid cells contribute indirectly to VEGF expression upon hypoxia via activation of Mueller cells" (C. Nuernberg, N. Kociok, C. Brockmann, T. Lischke, S. Crespo-Garcia, N. Reichhart, S. Wolf, R. Baumgrass, S.A. Eming, S. Beer-Hammer, and A.M. Joussen). This complementary dataset provides further insight into the experimental validation of the VEGF(fl/fl) LysMCre (here named VEGF(mcko)) knockout model used in the main article through genomic and quantitative Real-Time PCR in various murine tissues as well as additional flow cytometry data and immunohistochemical stainings. By providing these data, we aim to enable researcher to reproduce and critically analyze our data.