Engineering an achromatic Bessel beam using a phase-only spatial light modulator and an iterative Fourier transformation algorithm


  • M. Walde
  • A. Jost
  • K. Wicker
  • R. Heintzmann


  • Optics Communications


  • Opt Commun 383: 64-68


  • Bessel illumination is an established method in optical imaging and manipulation to achieve an extended depth of field without compromising the lateral resolution. When broadband or multicolour imaging is required, wavelength-dependent changes in the radial profile of the Bessel illumination can complicate further image processing and analysis. We present a solution for engineering a multicolour Bessel beam that is easy to implement and promises to be particularly useful for broadband imaging applications. A phase-only spatial light modulator (SLM) in the image plane and an iterative Fourier Transformation algorithm (IFTA) are used to create an annular light distribution in the back focal plane of a lens. The 2D Fourier transformation of such a light ring yields a Bessel beam with a constant radial profile for different wavelength.