Epigenetics and control of RNAs


  • H. Maatz
  • S. van Heesch
  • F. Kreuchwig
  • A. Faber
  • E. Adami
  • N. Hubner
  • M. Heinig


  • Methods in Molecular Biology


  • Methods Mol Biol 1488: 217-237


  • Histone modifications are epigenetic marks that fundamentally impact the regulation of gene expression. Integrating histone modification information in the analysis of gene expression traits (eQTL mapping) has been shown to significantly enhance the prediction of eQTLs. In this chapter, we describe (1) how to perform quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis using histone modification levels as traits and (2) how to integrate these data with information on RNA expression for the elucidation of the epigenetic control of transcript levels. We will provide a comprehensive introduction into the topic, describe in detail how ChIP-seq data are analyzed and elaborate on how to integrate ChIP-seq and RNA-seq data from a segregating disease animal model for the identification of the epigenetic control of RNA expression.