Genetic manipulations and examination of differentiation properties of rat induced pluripotent cells


  • M.A. Liskovykh
  • I.A. Chuykin
  • A. Ranjan
  • E. Popova
  • E.N. Tolkunova
  • L.L. Chechik
  • A.Y. Malinin
  • A.V. Morozova
  • V. Mosienko
  • M. Bader
  • N. Alenina
  • A.N. Tomilin


  • Cell and Tissue Biology


  • Cell Tissue Biol 6 (2): 122-127


  • Induced pluripotent cells have offered new exciting options in fundamental and applied studies, such as gene knockout and human disease modeling. They are also very promising for regenerative medicine. However, in order to develop this technology, it is necessary to have a proper animal model. An appropriate model is the rat, which has physiological characteristics that are closer to human ones than do mice. In this paper, we present methods of genetic modifications with rat iPS cells and their directed differentiation. These data will help for studies using the rat as an experimental model for human replacement therapy.