Highly resolved intravital striped-illumination microscopy of germinal centers


  • Z. Cseresnyes
  • L. Oehme
  • V. Andresen
  • A. Sporbert
  • A.E. Hauser
  • R. Niesner


  • Journal of Visualized Experiments


  • J Vis Exp (86): e51135


  • Monitoring cellular communication by intravital deep-tissue multi-photon microscopy is the key for understanding the fate of immune cells within thick tissue samples and organs in health and disease. By controlling the scanning pattern in multi-photon microscopy and applying appropriate numerical algorithms, we developed a striped-illumination approach, which enabled us to achieve 3-fold better axial resolution and improved signal-to-noise ratio, i.e. contrast, in more than 100 µm tissue depth within highly scattering tissue of lymphoid organs as compared to standard multi-photon microscopy. The acquisition speed as well as photobleaching and photodamage effects were similar to standard photo-multiplier-based technique, whereas the imaging depth was slightly lower due to the use of field detectors. By using the striped-illumination approach, we are able to observe the dynamics of immune complex deposits on secondary follicular dendritic cells - on the level of a few protein molecules in germinal centers.