Histopathology in 3D: from three-dimensional reconstruction to multi-stain and multi-modal analysis


  • D. Magee
  • Y. Song
  • S. Gilbert
  • N. Roberts
  • N. Wijayathunga
  • R. Wilcox
  • A. Bulpitt
  • D. Treanor


  • Journal of Pathology Informatics


  • J Pathol Inform 6: 6


  • Light microscopy applied to the domain of histopathology has traditionally been a two-dimensional imaging modality. Several authors, including the authors of this work, have extended the use of digital microscopy to three dimensions by stacking digital images of serial sections using image-based registration. In this paper, we give an overview of our approach, and of extensions to the approach to register multi-modal data sets such as sets of interleaved histopathology sections with different stains, and sets of histopathology images to radiology volumes with very different appearance. Our approach involves transforming dissimilar images into a multi-channel representation derived from co-occurrence statistics between roughly aligned images.