Investigation of heart proteome of different consomic mouse strains. Testing the effect of polymorphisms on the proteome-wide trans-variation of proteins


  • S. Forler
  • O. Klein
  • S. Koehler
  • P.N. Robinson
  • H. Witt
  • M. Sultan
  • M. Eravci
  • V. Regitz-Zagrosek
  • H. Lehrach
  • J. Klose


  • EuPA Open Proteomics


  • EuPA Open Proteom 7: 27-42


  • We investigated to which extent polymorphisms of an individual affect the proteomic network. Consomic mouse strains (CS) were used to study the trans-effect of the cis-variant (polymorphic) proteins of the strain PWD/Ph on the proteins of the host strain C57BL/6J. The cardiac proteome of ten CSs was analyzed by 2-DE and MS. Cis-variant PWD proteins altered a high number of C57BL/6J proteins, but the number of trans-variant proteins differed considerably between different CSs. Cardiac hypertrophy was induced in CSs. We found that high variability of the proteome, as induced by polymorphisms in CS14, acts protective against the complex disease.