The link between angiogenesis and endothelial metabolism


  • M. Potente
  • P. Carmeliet


  • Annual Review of Physiology


  • Annu Rev Physiol 79: 43-66


  • Angiogenesis has traditionally been viewed from the perspective of how endothelial cells (ECs) coordinate migration and proliferation in response to growth factor activation to form new vessel branches. However, ECs must also coordinate their metabolism and adapt metabolic fluxes to the rising energy and biomass demands of branching vessels. Recent studies have highlighted the importance of such metabolic regulation in the endothelium and uncovered core metabolic pathways and mechanisms of regulation that drive the angiogenic process. In this review, we discuss our current understanding of EC metabolism, how it intersects with angiogenic signal transduction, and how alterations in metabolic pathways affect vessel morphogenesis. Understanding EC metabolism promises to reveal new perspectives on disease mechanisms in the vascular system with therapeutic implications for disorders with aberrant vessel growth and function.