Mitochondrial signal peptidases of yeast: the rhomboid peptidase Pcp1 and its substrate cytochrome C peroxidase


  • G. Michaelis
  • K. Esser
  • B. Tursun
  • J.P. Stohn
  • S. Hanson
  • E. Pratje


  • Gene


  • Gene 354: 58-63


  • The rhomboid peptidase Pcp1 of yeast is the first mitochondrial enzyme of this new class of serine peptidases. Pcp1 is an integral part of the inner membrane and was identified by its signal peptidase activity responsible for processing of the intermediate of cytochrome c peroxidase (iCcp1) to the mature enzyme. Here we describe studies on the expression of the PCP1 gene. Proteolytic processing of Pcp1 itself was found. The precursor and the intermediate of Ccp1 were localized to the inner membrane. The results confirm our previous report on a two-step processing pathway of cytochrome c peroxidase and the identification of the signal peptidases involved.