Molekular-zytogenetische Analysen an alter DNA (aDNA) anhand von Praeparaten der Meckelschen Sammlungen zu Halle (Saale) [Molecular-cytogenetic analysis of ancient DNA (aDNA) from preparations from the Meckel collection in Halle (Saale)]


  • H. Toennies
  • R. Klunker
  • K. Saar
  • L. Goebbel
  • A. Musil
  • R. Schultka


  • Annals of Anatomy


  • Ann Anat 184 (6): 541-545


  • In this report, we present first results of molecular cytogenetic analyses by comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) on ancient DNA (aDNA) of two newborns preserved in the Meckel Collections. The goal of the analyses was the exclusion of a chromosomal imbalance accounting for the described malformations of the individuals. Comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) is a well proven molecular cytogenetic approach for genome-wide analysis of chromosomal gains and losses in DNA samples without preparing chromosomes of the test sample. Ancient DNA was extracted from the remaining umbilical cord, labeled and investigated for chromosomal imbalances by CGH. Both genomic aDNA probes showed a normal copy number karyotype. Additional molecular genetic experiments on these aDNAs were tested to follow up the question whether different other genetic investigations are possible on further samples of the Meckel Collections.