Multi-channel RF supervision module for thermal magnetic resonance based cancer therapy


  • H. Han
  • E. Oberacker
  • A. Kuehne
  • S. Wang
  • T.W. Eigentler
  • E. Grass
  • T. Niendorf


  • Cancers


  • Cancers 13 (5): 1001


  • Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most lethal and common brain tumor. Combining hyperthermia with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy improves the survival of GBM patients. Thermal magnetic resonance (ThermalMR) is a hyperthermia variant that exploits radio frequency (RF)-induced heating to examine the role of temperature in biological systems and disease. The RF signals' power and phase need to be supervised to manage the formation of the energy focal point, accurate thermal dose control, and safety. Patient position during treatment also needs to be monitored to ensure the efficacy of the treatment and avoid damages to healthy tissue. This work reports on a multi-channel RF signal supervision module that is capable of monitoring and regulating RF signals and detecting patient motion. System characterization was performed for a broad range of frequencies. Monte-Carlo simulations were performed to examine the impact of power and phase errors on hyperthermia performance. The supervision module's utility was demonstrated in characterizing RF power amplifiers and being a key part of a feedback control loop regulating RF signals in heating experiments. Electromagnetic field simulations were conducted to calculate the impact of patient displacement during treatment. The supervision module was experimentally tested for detecting patient motion to a submillimeter level. To conclude, this work presents a cost-effective RF supervision module that is a key component for a hyperthermia hardware system and forms a technological basis for future ThermalMR applications.