Nanocapsule induced morphology and migration changes in single cell layers quantified with digital holographic microscopy


  • M. Kaiser
  • L. Pohl
  • S. Ketelhut
  • L. Kastl
  • C. Gorzelanny
  • M. Götte
  • J. Schnekenburger
  • F.M. Goycoolea
  • B. Kemper


  • Proceedings of SPIE


  • Proc SPIE 10887: 108871F


  • We applied quantitative phase imaging (QPI) for quantification of nanocapsule-induced morphology and migration changes in single cell layers. In time-lapse observations, cells were monitored with a Mach-Zehnder interferometerbased off-axis digital holographic microscopy (DHM) setup. For quantification of cell migration, single cells were tracked in the recorded series of quantitative DHM phase images. Moreover, QPI images were evaluated as novel stainfree assay to quantify the temporal course of global cellular morphology changes. The label-free acquired data shows that capsaicin-loaded and unloaded chitosan nanocapsules, and also free capsaicin, significantly influence the direction of cell migration and cellular motility.