Placental expression of sFlt-1 and PlGF in early preeclampsia vs. early IUGR vs. age-matched healthy pregnancies


  • A. Hoeller
  • L. Ehrlich
  • M. Golic
  • F. Herse
  • F.H. Perschel
  • M. Siwetz
  • W. Henrich
  • R. Dechend
  • B. Huppertz
  • S. Verlohren


  • Hypertension in Pregnancy


  • Hypertens Pregnancy 36 (2): 151-160


  • Objective: To investigate whether differences between early preeclampsia and early fetal growth restriction can be explained by differential placental expression patterns of sFlt-1, Flt-1, and PlGF. Methods: Placental tissues and maternal blood samples from six cases of preeclampsia, seven IUGR, and six age-matched controls were studied for mRNA and protein levels as well as protein localization and expression intensity. Results: Neither placental PlGF mRNA and protein expression nor placental villous trophoblast expression intensity of PlGF was altered by placental dysfunction. Conclusion: High sFlt-1 concentrations may account for diminished maternal serum PlGF levels.