A rare malformation of the pancreaticobiliary junction long common channel choledochal cyst and pancreas divisum in a patient with pancreatic cancer


  • M. Huenerbein
  • B.M. Ghadimi
  • T. Benhidjeb
  • P.M. Schlag


  • Hepato-Gastroenterology


  • Hepatogastroenterology 46 (27): 1647-1649


  • Congenital variants of the pancreaticobiliary junction are rare anomalies that are usually diagnosed in childhood because of recurrent abdominal pain and jaundice. These lesions are associated with several pancreaticobiliary diseases including pancreatitis and malignancy. We observed a rare anomaly of the pancreaticobiliary tract with a combination of several ductal malformations, i.e., choledochal cyst, long common channel and incomplete pancreas divisum in a patient with pancreatic cancer.