Revalorization of bioactive compounds from tropical fruit by-products and industrial applications by means of sustainable approaches


  • M.L. Cádiz-Gurrea
  • M.C. Villegas-Aguilar
  • F.J. Leyva-Jiménez
  • S. Pimentel-Moral
  • Á. Fernández-Ochoa
  • M.E. Alañón
  • A. Segura-Carretero


  • Food Research International


  • Food Res Int 138 (Part B): 109786


  • Tropical fruits trade is on the rise due to the claimed health benefits related with their consumption. Functional activities are exerted by the presence of bioactive compounds which could be used for prevention or amelioration diseases. However, the occurrence of bioactive compounds is found mainly in non-edible fraction of tropical fruits which are usually discarded. Therefore, the revalorization of tropical fruits by-products as source of functional compounds is on the cutting-edge research. The implementation of this challenge not only allows the enhancement of the tropical fruits by-products management, but also the production of value-added products.
    This review compiles the latest comprehensive information about the revalorization of bioactive compounds from tropical fruits by-products. A revision of the sustainable green technologies used for the isolation of valuable compounds has been carried out as well as the current food, functional, cosmeceutical and bioenergetics industrial applications of bioactive compounds extracted from tropical fruits by-products.