Simplifying cardiovascular magnetic resonance pulse sequence terminology


  • M.G. Friedrich
  • C. Bucciarelli-Ducci
  • J.A. White
  • S. Plein
  • J.C. Moon
  • A.G. Almeida
  • C.M. Kramer
  • S. Neubauer
  • D.J. Pennell
  • S.E. Petersen
  • R.Y. Kwong
  • V.A. Ferrari
  • J. Schulz-Menger
  • H. Sakuma
  • E.B. Schelbert
  • É. Larose
  • I. Eitel
  • I. Carbone
  • A.J. Taylor
  • A. Young
  • A. de Roos
  • E. Nagel


  • Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance


  • J Cardiovasc Magn Reson 16 (1): 3960


  • We propose a set of simplified terms to describe applied Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (CMR) pulse sequence techniques in clinical reports, scientific articles and societal guidelines or recommendations. Rather than using various technical details in clinical reports, the description of the technical approach should be based on the purpose of the pulse sequence. In scientific papers or other technical work, this should be followed by a more detailed description of the pulse sequence and settings. The use of a unified set of widely understood terms would facilitate the communication between referring physicians and CMR readers by increasing the clarity of CMR reports and thus improve overall patient care. Applied in research articles, its use would facilitate non-expert readers' understanding of the methodology used and its clinical meaning.