Validation of simulations in multiphase flow metrology by comparison with experimental video observations


  • M. Olbrich
  • E. Schmeyer
  • L. Riazy
  • K. Oberleithner
  • M. Bär
  • S. Schmelter


  • Journal of Physics: Conference Series


  • J Phys Conf 1065 (9): 092015


  • One important task in flow metrology is to evaluate the uncertainty in multiphase flow metering. A first important step towards this goal is to establish an accurate computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model of multiphase flows. In this contribution, results of multiphase flow simulations are validated by comparison with experimental data. For the evaluation and quantification of experimental observations, a tool for video analysis has been implemented. This tool extracts the liquid level over time, which is then used for further analysis and comparison with simulation data. Additional relevant parameters are obtained by frequency analysis, which is applied to both, experimental and simulation data. A comparison of the results shows good agreement between experiment and simulation.