Viral communities among sympatric vampire bats and cattle


  • M. Escalera-Zamudio
  • B. Taboada
  • E. Rojas-Anaya
  • U. Löber
  • E. Loza-Rubio
  • C.F. Arias
  • A.D. Greenwood


  • EcoHealth


  • EcoHealth 15 (1): 132-142


  • Vampire bats are the only mammals known to feed exclusively on blood from other animals, often from domestic cattle. We tested the hypothesis that the adaptation of vampire bats to hematophagy would have resulted in shared viral communities among vampire bats and cattle, as a direct result of historic spillover events occurring due to hematophagy. We analyzed the presence of different viruses in sample populations of sympatric bat and prey populations and searched for shared viruses between taxa. A limited number of DNA viral groups were detected within each species. However, there was no evidence for a shared viral community among the vampire bat and cattle populations tested.